Using Skeletons in your Halloween Décor.

Here is our skeleton, Captain Jack Scarrow.   I found a cheap pirate costume set for him: pirate hat, earring, sword, and hand hook. It's fun to dress them up and give them funny names.

Trick or Treat!

Captain Jack Scarrow is all ready for Trick or Treating! It's also fun to leave your skeleton on your porch with the candy for your trick or treaters

Grace Skelly

Last year, I changed my skeleton into a girl. 😂 And named her Grace Skelly.  Here she's being all casual in her fall gear.

Grace Skelly is up to no good here.  She's cooking up a batch of poison apples.

I used a wig, witch hat, and an apron for her.  Use what you have on hand.

Look who's at the Door!

It's Grace Skelly, already to go Trick or Treating...or give the kids their candy.  Either way, she's looking pretty cute.

Time to Eat!

Captain Jack Scarrow is having a glamorous dinner party for one.

Grace Skelly is all dolled up for Sunday Brunch...I wonder what she's having?