Paint Colors

In our home

- Danny Kaye

Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint you can at it."

We chose white dove by Benjamin Moore for the exterior of our home.  It's a warm creamy white.

White Dove

The majority of our house is painted Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It's a soft warm neutral. 

Light Pewter

I love Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.  We have it in our son's bedroom, the main walls of the master bedroom and the guest bathroom.

Repose Gray

Silver Strand

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is really a cool color with green and blue undertones with chameleon tendencies.  We have it in the master Bathroom, laundry room, and guest room.

We originally had Regal Leaf for our accent wall in our Master Bedroom, but I felt it was too dark.  We switched to Boothbay Gray and I love it!

Boothbay Gray

Silver Strand- Guest Room, Laundry Room, Master Bathroom

Light Pewter-all main rooms of our house including kitchen and living room

Repose Gray- Master Bedroom, Son's Room, Guest Bathroom


Boothbay Gray-the soft blue/gray color for the accent wall in the Master Bedroom.

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