Living Room Rug

“Rugs make a hard surface look better and soften it up. A good rug completes the sections of the room.”

- Ron Testa

Clear the furniture out of the way

Vacuum, sweep, and/or mop the floors

Place furniture back around rug

Bring in the rug pad (if you're using one)

Place the rug on the pad, make sure to reach all the edges

And Enjoy!







The Steps

Clean and Clear

In order to make room for the rug, I'm clearing all the furniture.  Then I gave the floors a thorough cleaning (vacuum and mop).

Next, we're going to put down the pad so the rug doesn't slide around.

Roll out that pad

Place the rug on the pad

Make sure all the corners reach and the wrinkles are out.

Place the furniture around the rug

And Enjoy!