How I Transformed a Blank Wall into an Art Gallery

Trueman's Treasures

My  Blank Wall

You'll want to decide how many pieces you want to be in your gallery.   And then find your art.  My top shops for art are Target and Etsy.

You'll also want to collect your frames.  You may have some already in your collection, but I recommend checking your local thrift stores or FB Marketplace.

The Layout.  Play around with different layouts on the floor first before poking any holes.  Then, you can use pieces of paper in your artwork measurements.  I added the layout with painter's tape.

You're ready to poke holes


Start adding your art.  You may have to adjust the layout give or take your measurements.

It's starting to look good!


Just a few more pieces to go!


And it's done!


The Result

A beautiful focal point in the Dining Room.

The Blog

For more details, check out my blog post.