Front Door Spring Styling

Front door styling starts with a wreath

Let's start there...

Here, I used an umbrella with tulips for a different wreath aesthetic.

This is probably one of my favorite looks.  It's been shared so many times!

Another unconventional wreath is this basket.

Here's a look to transition right into Summer!

A less cluttered version with my favorite DIY tulip wreath.

I made this wreath, as well.  Still waiting on real plants though....

Loving all the plants and the rocking chair!

This is 2021's door before I had real plants.  These are all fake!

Here, I used more faux plants and rainboots for décor.

Let's recap

Then I'll share our current Spring front door!

Here's the final look!  This is what our front door looks like right now...minus the little dog in the window.

Be sure to mix it up with real plants or faux plants.  Greenery makes an entry more inviting!