DIY Aged Pottery

Here's what I started with...

And Here's the finished pot.  Let's look at how we get there.

Joint Compound, I like the ready mix version.

Block Sander

Paint Brushes

What you'll need

Craft paint or any spare paint you have laying around. 

besides your pot...

Apply the compound

I like to use my fingers and hands.  But you can use tools or gloved hands...whatever you prefer! 

After a couple layers of need to let dry in between layers.  Then, you'll sand it down to the texture you want.


I wanted a dark terracotta color, so I mixed gray, brown, and terracotta

Here is what my pot looked like after a few layers of paint mixed with baking soda for a more textured look

Then, I dry brushed a layer of light gray.  I did this a couple of times until I got the color I wanted.

Then Paint!

The baking soda adds a little more texture on top of the compound.

I absolutely love how it turned out.  I think it really looks like an old piece of pottery.  

Final Pot

These are the very first pots that I did.  I love them!

The vase of flowers is another pot that I refinished.

The vase full of flowers I refinished with the same steps, just with different colors.

More Pots

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