Bookshelf styling

With books 2.0

First, I'm going to start on the bottom shelf.  I added a vintage tool caddy.  This is perfect to hold pillows or blankets.

Bottom Shelf

Top Shelf

Next, I added a thrifted laundry basket to the very top shelf.  I like to add the biggest items first, and then fill in from there. 


Now, I'm adding all the books.  I  like to have some spines show and some have only the pages show.  I stack some and line up the others to give some variation. 

This side of the built-ins, I use faux greenery.  I've added olive stems up top, faux maiden hair, a bowl full of greens and a faux fern in a bust.


Brass ducks

I added a pair of vintage brass ducks as accessories on top of the stacked books.

Yellow Star


I added a few pieces of artwork to the shelves.  I love the vintage portrait.  The other 2 are modern purchases.

I added a couple pillows to the tool caddy on the bottom.  And that completes this side of the shelves!

Final Touches

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