Apple Themed  Fall TAblescape

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Using apples in your fall décor 

I think apples are perfect for fall.  We have several apple orchards in our area and it's a fun tradition to pick apples in the fall.  I'm using faux apples in my tablescape.  They're reusable! 

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A Basket of Apples

I used a basket that I had and partially filled it with plastic bags and then with faux apples. (Use the bags to fill up space).  I used faux eucalyptus and my usual white dishes.

Apples and Candles

I filled a dough bowl full of apples, greens, and candles.

The candles add a little bit of coziness to this simple table.

Another look at this simple tablescape

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Perfect combo: eucalyptus and apples

Both are perfect for fall and I love them with classic white dishes.

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Fall Elegance

I think everyone needs a great set of white or cream dishes.  They're prefect for every season and then you can add seasonal elements to elevate them.

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